Have you visited our coffee counter in the center of Lavish&Squalor lately?  We love coffee so much, that we have sourced our own rich blend of beans to brew the perfect cup of coffee, americano or latte.  We make it anyway you like it paired with a real butter tart or scone.  It's the perfect... Continue Reading →


Opening the can you will find something that should not surprise you because it is clear gold color pomade. The scent is coconut with maybe some almond that is subtle and not too strong. The texture feels very heavy and does not have a gel-like feel, liquid and soft.According to Shiner Gold Pomade the product... Continue Reading →


Real all natural concentrate ginger beer and tonic.  Real quality Unbranded raw selvedge denim.  Real canvas and real leather backpacks for adventuring.  Real antiques.  Really great shopping experience at your local Merchants General, Lavish&Squalor


If you like foxes as much as we do, you will love these new foxy ceramic cups and mugs and these cotton tea towels.  Bring the wild into your kitchen this season.


Cocktail like you mean it. With the best ingredients, and inventive flavours to satisfy sour, sweet and spicy-lovers alike, Salty Paloma cocktail rimmers and margarita salt are hand-crafted in small batches to compliment your creative cocktail recipes. MADE IN TORONTO! Treat yourself and your friends to a luxury cocktail night at home with these premium aromatic... Continue Reading →


Treat your couch or bed to a homemade pillow by Jill.  Denim, plaids and other fun textured recycled fabrics with patch design and pocket details, make a unique and cozy addition to your decor. Support local artists when shopping your local shops.

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