Anyone who has ever tried our locally made Turkish delight, has quickly had a big smile one their face.  This little sweet cushion of joy will cheer even the rainiest day up.

You can try just one or grab a bag of a dozen to share.  Always available at our coffee counter at Lavish&Squalor…. because we like having white powder on our shirts.



Our loose leaf tea is 100% natural with no added artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.  How does that even make sence?  We can bag up any tea you fancy from our tea bar and there are lots of tea brewing tools to choose from if you are a novice.  Each bag will brew up 30 cups or more of delicious tea.  Because our leaves grow like a garden when the water hits softly brings them to life.


We think we have the best butter tarts at our coffee counter, PennyStock Press.  All natural and ALL BUTTER crusts, these delicious tarts of sin temp us everyday.  And when you give in, it’s soooo worth it.  The hardest part is choosing from the Chocolate Pecan, Cranberry, Walnut maple or the always favourite, traditional butter tart.  Trust us, treat yourself to one next time you visit.