THESE BEAUTIFUL GOODS THAT WE’VE CAREFULLY CURATED for you here at Lavish&Squalor show craftsmanship rooted in progressive regions driven by culture. Pieces from this section of the globe have a distinct aesthetic that has  evolved over centuries and nothing reflects that more perfectly than these crafts, embodying an infinite collection of colours and textures. These goods bridge the culture and craft of the old world with the desired  aesthetics of the modern age. By bringing in these pieces, we are exposing you to the precise intricate craftsmanship which portrays the indigenous efforts of artists to establish a perfect balance in home furnishings.
This Collection fills the void of tradition in decoration, you can feel the timeless quality in the hand knotted rugs, the folds of the woven baskets and the hammered textures of the copper vessels. Each piece is perfectly unique with distinct character that shows boldly within the animated patterns and colours. Whether you’re looking for something small to brighten a room or a centrepiece that provides a canvas for your entire home, we have a selection that encompasses every need.


Come down to Lavish&Squalor and be inspired by the latest collection of beautiful and unique rug pieces that have just arrived.



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