Matt has dressed up a pair of Lifetime Collective ‘Erland’ pants by layering an Aigle ‘Glacien’ cardigan over the contrasting plaid ‘Mod Check’ button down by Fred Perry. Throwing in a sharp highlight by accessorizing with a Vitaly ceramic ‘Amici’ ring and finally grounding it all with a pair of Jshoes ‘Realm’ desert boots.


Chloe takes contrast to the next level by matching the thick textures of this white Covet ‘Dolman’ sweater with the classic black ‘Cheap Monday ‘Heinie’ skirt. Anchoring the outfit with a pair of Patent ‘Go Tractor’ shoes from Cheap Monday and drawing deserved attention to the Coutu Kitch ‘Triangle Bunting’ necklace, highlighted over the Covet sweater.


Pat keeps things simple with a pair of time tested Levi’s ‘510’s coupled with the classic look of Generic Surplus’ ‘Klien’ canvas shoes. Opting for consistency but breaking up the outfit with the textured pattern of the Lifetime Collective ‘Xavier’ solid sweater, he adds a touch of subtle detail with a black Vitaly ‘Vesi’ ring.


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