THE IMPORTANCE OF SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES IS NOT ONLY A CONCEPT WE SUBSCRIBE TO FULLY BUT IT IS ALSO THE FOUNDATION OF OUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE. Lavish&Squalor has always been lucky to be a part of a community that is rich with common minds. On this stretch of Queen street west we are accompanied by The Friendly Stranger, The Rex, Atlas, Adrenaline, Queen Mother and a handful of other wonderful staples of the area that are all proudly local independents. Each one has an unequalled singular identity that you won’t find anywhere else. In a time where big box retail stores push from all sides and the trend of dis-connected mall shopping looms in the near distance, our community based local and independent focus stands as a beacon for a much more intimate experience, an authentic lifestyle and a driven passion for culture and creativity.


Lavish&Squalor was started 7 years ago as the amalgamation of several other independent stores around the city, each with their own separate focus but with common threads, which now combined, make us so unique. We have now grown to carry a number of local brands; Jool, Crown Shaving Co., Fischer Street, Hen, Two Cookie Girls, Owl and Goose, Earth Seed Elements, White Feather and more; showcasing beautifully uncommon treasures. Each contributing not only to the development of a unique community of craftspeople, but also to a wonderfully personal experience once you are through our doors.


By shopping local you are supporting local innovators who’s products are unique and one of a kind, helping grow communities of artists and support the ventures of contributors to the local culture. Buying from retailers based in your community re-circulates that money back into the local culture, as most independent local businesses are likely to purchase from other independent local businesses; thus creating a strong social hub and micro economy that drives innovation and enriches the authenticity of a community.


Supporting local businesses also helps communities grow through the provision of employment, its common to find all positions of employment sourced locally. This sort of focus also helps in the connecting of local brands, the exposure of other independent niches and the ultimate success of progressive culture. When you support local businesses you are also showing investment in community concerns. Local independents focus a great deal of attention to what is impacting the local community as they are directly effected by decisions and changes to their immediate and surrounding areas.


One of the other great things about supporting local independents is the rich selection of unique brands and products. Sourcing from local designers, supporting creative local innovators and introducing people to new brands and emerging commodities are the roots of most local independently owned shops. There is also a common tendency to support the incubating of brands, to grow a brand into a better version of itself through promotion and exposure to the marketplace.


Here at Lavish&Squalor we are infinitely proud to be a local independent business. There is a great amount of love for all our brands and we strive to bring something new to the streets of Toronto constantly. We tirelessly curate new local brands and pride ourselves on our roots in the community. The importance of supporting local independent businesses can be felt strongly within the walls of Lavish&Squalor as we always want to progress to a better version of who we were yesterday, bringing you more great programs, throwing more events in the community and supporting as many locally based independent brands as we can. Come down and see what makes us so special at Lavish&Squalor, your local independent Life+Style market.


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