lvwave 3vanishpatterns2YES. There is a resurgence of patterns in modern fashion that helps represent an individuals tastes and produce a finely tuned look. Patterns have always been a dominant aesthetic in clothing while trends in print have always mirrored the tastes of the time, whether it is the regal filigree of the 17th century or the plaid checkers of the early 90’s. We now have a historical library of patterns and prints to draw influence from, redesigning and re-contextualizing the trends of the past into modern pieces. Vanishing Elephant has delivered an incredible selection of prints this season, based heavily on interesting repeat patterns ranging from Leopard print board shorts to classic Naval Jacquard, each lending its own unique statement to the wearers style. A look should always be interesting, bending peoples eyes to what is creatively represented through an outfit. This is easily achieved by mixing in animated pieces to quieter colours, matching flat toned pants with a condensed checker pattern, or a white t-shirt to a floral print short. Come down to Lavish&Squalor and immerse yourself in the uniqueness of our selection this season, pick out a pattern that speaks to you and let us add a little excitement to your wardrobe.


lvwave 2


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