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In the 1660’s Sir Issac Newton discovered that colour was in fact just shattered light. This awesome piece of information has helped scientists understand how light relates to colour. Ultimately they drew the conclusion that light is a direct form of energy, which they called electromagnetic radiation. Don’t get bored yet; this is leading up to a good point… when moving at a constant speed in the form of a pulsation or wave, each colour that is contained within the white light has its own wavelength and frequency. As a result, the individual colours within the white light appear according to their wavelength order, and are reflected back to the human eye; allowing the human eye to perceive colour. It sounds complicated but its not, think of each wavelength as an instrument in a song, and each instrument instead of being called a drum, a guitar a bass or a piano, are colours, red, green, blue and yellow. The way your ears hear music is the same way that our eyes see light as colours. 

Elegantly styled people with an eye for details and patterns could be compared to classical music which synchronizes multiple harmonious instruments, while people who pile bright colours on top of brighter colours and adorn themselves with a billion layers could be compared to something less appealing like *insert your least favorite genre here* 


For example a guy who has a fair complexion, slim figure and outgoing personality heads out to the west end for a show.  Because of his light skin-tone, dynamic personality, and svelte figure, even if he decided to wear a purple velvet suit with a bright green baseball hat, he would still look awesome, but to keep his family from being embarrassed when he shows up on their  facebook feed, he should roll with something a little more appropriate.  A more appropriate choice of colour for him to wear that would be better suited for his skin-tone, personality and style, would be a warm coloured shirt, like the WESC ‘Tyrone’ button down, with a medium tone Wesc ‘Borik’ cardigan over it. Another example could be a larger guy who has medium toned hair and a darker complexion who is planning on going to a charity event. Rather than choosing to sport a cooler coloured shirt layered with a lighter toned blazer, he would be better flattered by a darker toned blazer and bold coloured basics. 

There are endless colour combinations for stylists and fashion conscious people to draw from while keeping a keen eye on what works best for peoples personalities, skin type and settings. Greens, blues and purples are cool colours for the quiet sophisticate while reds, oranges and yellows are warm colours for the lively extrovert. Ultimately it is the confidence and character of the individual that will determine how they will appear to those around them.


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