lvwave 3denimAENJOY A LITTLE FUN WITH DENIM FACTS ‘n FICTION The YKK that appears on most denim zippers stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha. Weird right?, well, denim has all kinds of uncommon and unknown secrets woven into its indigo fabric. The common dye found in blue jeans is called phthalocyanine and is a light activated agent with cell destroying properties. This dye breaks down over time when jeans are washed so to maintain the rugged distressed look of a pair of jeans, put them in the freezer to kill odor instead of washing them, this kills off most bacteria. The longer a pair of jeans is worn on the body, the more it becomes styled to the owners unique lifestyle, taking this styling one step further designers destroy jeans to create distinct looks with tears and bleach effects. Hundreds of years ago sailors used to drag jeans in fishing nets behind their ships to style them. The sun and salt water would bleach them white over time and this is the first emergence of styling denim through alteration of the dyes. Take those tid bits to the conversation bank and come by L&S for 50% off on all sale denim and 30% off regular priced denim, from 6 until 8pm. Enjoy complimentary “Moonshine Punch” cocktails and an inpromtu screening of the film “Once Upon A Time In The West” at 6:30pm. Let us know your coming on facebook.

lvwave 2onceuponadenimsaleLAVISH CREST LOGO

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