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To recite from The Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) Classic of the Way and Virtue,

The thirty spokes unite in the one nave; but it is on the empty space (for the axle), that the use of the wheel depends.” – Lao Tzu  

Possible translation? We see benefit from what is there but it is in what is not there, that may inturn be deemed useful. To speak on each of our personal uses of space, whether we surround ourselves in random, carefree or the calculated our home environments speak volumes. Maybe you were able to choose your living space but maybe it was more likely somewhat decided for you or a combination of the two that you’ve then rigged and worked to personally suit.

Each of our personalities and personal standards of thoughts are rendered in these environments that we’ve chosen for ourselves and in what we choose to keep, decline or seek. Then, it’s all in how we use it. If you’ve ever had to look into renting or buying property in downtown Toronto, you will understand that ideal space can be an embarrassingly rare commodity (especially per square footage). If anything, apparent space forces the average renter to institutionally adapt their environment in unconventional and unique ways. The interest in multi-use for everything we own becomes heightened when we live inside smaller walled dimensions.

Like you, we think getting creative is the way to go in our personal spaces. And that its best to get into multi purpose when running out of space. One storage solution can be found in furniture that holds and in some cases, hides extra storage items. That said, what better way to battle the clutter while perhaps simultaneously inciting world travel than with a vintage trunk in your living room or bedroom? Store blankets, bedding, towels, kids clutter, what have you’s. Trunks are full of many secret uses. What you fill your trunk with is up to you, but we know that any one of the vintage trunks we’ve collected for you, here at Lavish&Squalor are bound to make your space beautifully better.

If you are ready to add more multi purpose, eclectic charm to your space, come by L&S. Shop antiques with us for your abode.


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