lvwave 3matchaWELCOME MATCHA TEA to our upper level’s CityBar EspressoIn case you’re not familiar with this green stuff, matcha is a powdered green tea of Japanese origins. Matcha powders are not chemically dehydrated. Tea leaves are picked, laid out flat to dry, and when they crumble, processors will de-stem and de-vein them before grinding the leftovers into the fine green powder. Said to be a next level of antioxidant, we’re excited to share its goodness with you and add it to your tea menu. 

According to a study done by the University of Colorado, the powdered form contains three times more antioxidants level than most commercial green teas. This is probably because the entire tea leaf is ingested, as opposed to leaving the chopped bits in the bag when we’re done. If you’re looking to get healthy for the new year, regular consumption of matcha tea has proven to boost metabolism and reduce cholesterol levels. Sounds good, right!

Get a little matcha in your life. We’ve got both the traditional green and the light white variety in a latte form, ready for you upstairs at our Citybar Espresso 253 Queen Street West Toronto.


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