lvwave 3images_ben storyBEN IS OUR METICULOUS NEW WANDERER of the men’s section. With hazel hair that has the tendency to flop into his hazel eyes, and an easy smile, this charmer is bound to be one of our new customer favourites. And in representing himself and L&S, it helps that he’s a sharp dresser and a dedicated stylist.  Welcome Ben to the L&S floor!

Ben is an aspiring actor from Vancouver. Test him by making obscure references to musicals (drop a line from “West Side Story” and he’ll be more than happy to participate in a harmonious knife fight), but take our word for it, he is both serious and passionate about the stage. The stage–and art scene in general–was actually the main motivation behind his packing up a suit case and moving his life from the West Coast to Toronto. We were lucky when we found him (his lone contact in the city happened to be an old staff member who swept him in our direction), and he’s been a solid member of the team for about three months now. When he’s not busy dressing someone up with our stock, he’s usually hitting the pavement. A self-professed lover of architecture, he’s a natural city explorer, in search of the old brick heritage buildings that we hold dear. And of course you’ll find him attending some of the many shows that feature in our theatres. Having crossed the stage as Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, tap danced in a West Coast production of Chicago, he’s an avid and educated audience member. 

While he’s looking for his big break, we’re more than happy to share some good times and have him here at Lavish&Squalor. Come by and say hello to our newest addition to the team. And Ben, we can bet that you’re heading to the bigger screen and we’re all rooting for you! 


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