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LET’S HAVE A LITTLE TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER, the earnest chill has arrived and the chances of wet feet are rising. Winter has somehow managed to finally pull itself into our streets and slowly haunt away the last of our warm days. Inspirations for cozy and warm are in high order. We have no problem helping you to shy from the cold and ignore the tragedy of these temperatures with our exceptional selection of Pendleton woolen mills coats, blankets and accessories. Pendleton has a rich history of hiding people from the cold with rich warm woollen products and we want to help you embrace their wisdom. From blankets to mittens they have been in the heating people business of insulating us from the cold while maintaining a strong sense of style and beauty for almost 140 years. Drawing inspiration from elements of native culture and story telling while paying strict attention to materials and craftsmanship, Pendleton has always been an incredible source for all things comfortable. We are confident that whatever you choose from our carefully curated collection, you will covet for a lifetime. Come by Lavish&Squalor to shop Pendleton for you and your abode.


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