THIS IS AIMED AT OUR GENTLEMEN FRIENDS, on the hunt for their first, or new, deckhand peacoat. If we take the tips from the mess of style blogs online, you may be lead to believe that the more fitted it is, the better. We’re not going to blame that on the writers, but it’s an easy misconception to make when much of men’s fashion is tapering down to slim silhouettes. Peacoats, though, are exception. Worn by men of the sea, the coat was meant to fit a lot of layering to help ward off the cold. Modern peacoats should be treated the same way.

This is not to say the bigger the better, you want a neat fit without the jacket contouring too closely to your body; just don’t forget what the function of the coat is when you’re on the hunt for its form. The easiest way to check is to pull on your winter or autumn layered look when you go shopping.

If you’re still feeling nervy with your options, come in and let our styling staff help you out. We have a few choice selections by Spiewack and Comune, which make your visit a one-stop shop.


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