HERE AT LAVISH&SQUALOR, we like to take pride in selecting our denim offerings. The denim brands, styles and fits for men and women that we choose tend to add a personalized type of denim caviar, (if you will) to our little lifestyle shop. So, if you are ready for a taste in premium selvage, get ready to sense worlds in quality at L&S. Denim has a rigorous science to it, along with a colorful place in history taking apart in our personal lives, work lives and many global industries, revolutions and recycling vintage efforts. So, we thought to give you a little ‘L&S denim moment’ and share a bit of our denim understanding, with special attention today to the big guy in denim, premium selvage. It’s certainly one of our prizes, upstairs for you guys. Selvage denim is essentially a type of denim that forms a natural edge that does not unravel. If you’re not familiar with the term selvage, the 1st thing to know is that it’s different than most other jeans. Each pair can pretty much stand alone and proven it can go to any limit. The rarities in selvage lay in the quality of the fabric, and the process of manufacturing; take note of the stitches along the edge. Essentially, if selvage denim was at a party with other denim, it would be the one who brought enough cheese, chips and pop for everyone, and perhaps their dad dropped them off in a monster truck. selvage comes from the term ‘self-edge’. The denim is self-bound, made on old-style shuttle looms, meaning that the length of the fabric is closed with an edge that isn’t likely to pull away. This creates the distinct firm line that you see on the inside of the fabrics edge when it’s rolled up, or a seam is exposed. Usually it’s woven with a coloured stripe: green, white, brown, yellow, and (most commonly) red. Regular jeans, in comparison, try for the same effect, but can’t surpass or last without the bonus of excess stitching. That bound edge allows for minimum fabric waste, and results in a highly durable garment; if you fall off your bike in selvage denim, you’ll probably just leave a jean-shaped crack in the concrete. Selvage denim was originally created for hard labourers who needed durable fabrics that lasted in harsh conditions. The side seam of selvage denim was usually concealed until the trend of rolling up the cuffs of jeans in the 50’s. Maybe this was an subtle hint from jean wearers to bullies and bikers that they shouldn’t bend the blades of their stupid knives on the super tough selvage. Come downtown to Lavish&Squalor to check out the selvage from Prospective Flow and Edwin, available now, on our UpperLevel.


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