Remember the sensation you felt back when you touched your first decidedly, favorite fabric? Or your first gravitation to a designers instinct that worked perfectly with all of your attributes and personality? The selection and curation showcased here at Lavish&Squalor, is undoubtedly of a pleasing caliber and settles only above and beyond quality and style. We try to share unique brands and products that keep up with today’s inspired street styles and urban wants. And, we also take a brand’s internal missions into consideration. We want to be aligned with brands that choose to manufacture and create with a more sustainable lifestyle and future in mind. Covet shares in the cleaner production path, with their keen focus on fabric selection and taking part in cultivating new practices for low impact manufacturing. In offering more reusable incentives for today’s contemporary womens fashions, Covet is offering us much more.

Covet, as some of you Covet girls may already know hails from our sister city, Montreal in Quebec.  Their garment creations take artful inspirations from nature and share a particular love for geometric designs. Covet collections are rich in textures, and they often tailor pieces at varying lengths adding a sweet yet awkward sultry to how they fall. Covet is a bit of a mistress in the mastery of layering. They do it casually with interesting cuts resulting with sinuous fitting garments. Intermingling Covet collection pieces rears a studious, graceful and potentially flirtatious outfit. For you, that can flirt with your own life, and the occasional sparked interest, who’s just landed in front of you.

Many of Covet’s light and airy choices for their F/W collection feel like chiffon, but are actually made out of recycled polyester. Many consumers would automatically associate the material to cheap leisure suits of the 70s, but the synthetic material has actually, come a long way. Besides requiring very little maintenance to stay wrinkle free, polyester is a durable material that is guaranteed to outlast some of its more delicate counterparts.  Covet also uses bamboo and soy, both materials are soft to the touch, and are also tough against regular use that can wear down the fabric.

If you flip the lining label, you tend to see the word “recycled” a lot, or “viscose from bamboo,” or even “soy.” The designers behind Covet do their research to bring you fashionable, yet functional, options that won’t disintegrate in the wash. So they are pretty much saying ‘no go’ to fast fashion or ‘no need’. And hello to a life time of authentic and contemporary fashion.

Come up to our upper level to choose your coveted Covet pieces at Lavish&Squalor. Knits, tops, pants, blouses, pencil skirts and more from Covet.

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