Born in London, Muubaa leather shared in the world’s longstanding love for a great biker jacket but understood that the masculine cuts and rebellious history scared away a lot of the women who were attracted by its appeal too. That’s why they took the iconic look, and reinvented a good idea with a number of new, more feminine cuts, colour tones, and embroidered details to give it a more diverse appeal. Muubaa are not ones to skimp on any details, they also offer the look in a variety of lengths and combination of materials, meaning you can still grab a tough looking jacket that will last you a lifetime, but each will feel buttery soft to the touch and work genuinely with your style. Our look, (shown above) is still inspired by the historical rebellious spirit of the biker jacket yet shares in today’s Upper Lavish women’s sensibility. We paired the Nassau motorcycle jacket with the ‘Addison moto’ pants by Habitual, Left on Houston’s ‘chart’ top, Fischer Street’s ‘lone wolf’ carved bone pendant, and Shoe the Bear black booties.  Get the full look or fall in love with your chosen favorite and very worthy new Muubaa leather jacket, upstairs at Lavish&Squalor.

Muubaa styles available to shop now on our Upper Level:

The Parma

A cape inspired by the classic motorcycle jacket, it features the moto look staples: a buckle at the throat, the classic rider inspired lapel, and gunmetal zippers. As an A-line cut, it’s a feminine silhouette that features segmented panels on the back that helps shape the cape into a closer fit.

The Jena

Muubaa took the mack jacket and added some signature rider jacket elements. Wiring the the collar, lapels and bottom to allow each wearer to scrunch and shape to their satisfaction. The Jena has welt pockets, and a straighter, almost princess cut silhouette that gives the appearance of a more masculine cut without sacrificing on the feminine form.

The Juana

A clear example of the biker jacket, its asymmetrical zipper and large collar lends it a cardigan shawl drape look that’s toughened up by the moto elements. Made in soft goat suede, the Juana has experienced no touch of dyes; the inconsistencies that can be found in each jacket is a natural detail that adds an individual spin. Another princess cut, it’s the ultra feminine look, with panelled back for an even closer fit.

The Nassau 

The iconic rider jacket, it features all of the necessary details that come with any motorcycle jacket. With wiring present in the collar, lapels and base, its form is adjustable to suit your specific style. Most notable are the raglan sleeves, which means a more formfitting shoulder without the shoulder seam. This little detail provides more layering freedom and comfort because it fits without constricting . The Nassau also sports the flatfeld seam–a stitching technique usually found in premium denim–on the shoulders, sleeves and back for elegant durability. Cut in a princess line, the Nassau is a flattering jacket that will last as long as its classic look. 

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