Toronto is Canada’s own little cultural hub, where artists, designers and musicians come together to produce beautiful things for everyone to enjoy. One event that continues to put us on the map and has got all us fashion aficionados on the edge of our seats is World MasterCard Fashion Week.

Fellow fashion-philes, its your time to shine, and we’ve got some rare finds and a few good tips to add to your personal style this week. Whether you’re ready to go all out crazy or conservative, we’re here for you! We know that if you look good, you’ll feel good, so here are some of our styling tips for the famous week of glamour:

  • Mix and match prints and textures, don’t be afraid to clash. Try matching lace with a flannel like our Something Else lace maxi and Fred Perry flannel or a fuzzy sweater by Religion.
  • Wear some faux fur, cause everybody looks good in fur! We’ve got tons of faux fur jackets by Urban Code in stock.
  • Printed pants will make you dance! Grab a pair like our high waisted Cheap Mondays in a plaid print.
  • A little black dress can go a long way. Everyone needs an LBD. Check out the one pictured by Velour.
  • Wear comfy shoes, like our lace up Dolce Vitas or Cheap Monday wedge boots. If you’re going to multiple shows, expect  to be on your feet for a long time.
  • Pick up a staple graphic tee. Graphic tees, like the one pictured by Jool, look good with just about everything!

It’s a celebration of Canadian designers, so come visit us during fashion week at 253 Queen St West and let us deck you out in our patriotic picks; we’ve got pieces to suit every style and won’t let you leave looking drab!

– Amanda

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