Pendleton has a long history of love, beginning in the 1800s when they decided to spruce up their virgin wool goods with better designs. Recognizing the inspired and rich culture of Native American tribes, Pendleton spokesmen dove in and learned the secrets of their creativity: the legends and history behind the designs. Now, hundreds of years later, their relationship with the tribes are still strong and true, and we like that kind of loyalty (and we can’t lie, the colours and geometric inspirations leave us googly eyed with desire).

Lucky for us, and you, the folks at Pendleton have continued to branch out to include other plush offerings (like the cute horses, pictured above) to help cozy-up your home. From patterned mugs, to bags, and throw pillows, they provide a plethora of offerings to let you choose how you want to rainbow-tribal your living space. And because autumn has finally strolled in with a strong bite of chill, we, of course, have plenty of those woolly blankets to wrap yourself and a loved one in for those long, dark nights.

Warm and unique, Pendleton is the perfect marriage of stylish practicality. We could go into the extensive production details that make a Pendleton product as reliable as it is pretty, but how about you come visit us, and see for yourself.


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