If you haven’t noticed yet, we favour a lot of brands that ship out from Scandinavia. Something about this clutch of countries seem to inspire the practically fashionable, and this sentiment is well-represented in Danish born Gestuz. Pronounced “justice,” the masterminds behind this label like to create pieces for the everyday rock star. You might think that’s an exaggerated statement, but one look at our offerings will have you convinced. How about this long cardigan? At first glance, you might find the fuzzy fringes a bit of a hokey add on, but put it on, and not only will you want to stroke it for days, but you’ll find yourself trying it on with a pair of glossy skinny jeans and gazing into a version of young David Bowie incarnate. For the girlier girls out there, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Gestuz can do feminine, and though they sometimes boast looks that remind us of sweetness with spikes, they do the staple lace thing very well too. There’s something to be said about inventive, yet simple cuts that make the Gestuz collection stand out and timeless at the same time. The way we see it, it can be your everyday look with that added touch of flare, or that piece that you use to layer up that lends you that twist of quirk of personal style. Which is good, because that’s the way Gestuz wants you to dress, and we like it too.
Come down to the store to check out our full stock of this season’s collection, try it on, and bring out the pedestrian rock god we know you have in you.

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