Being a Toronto grown, independent retailer, it’s only natural for us to love and support all things local. Whether it be events, food, jewelry, or clothing, we know that everything’s better home grown! Like Toronto’s own Muttonhead Collective.

We regularly allow our brands to host a Friday or Saturday ‘cinq à sept’ at City Bar on our upper level. Last week, Muttonhead gave everyone a little exposé  on their FW12 lines and shared the muttonhead love with comp cocktails at the bar. Great turn out and great collections!

Muttonhead is the love child of three Ryerson vets, Paige, Meg and Mel. The trio founded the brand to offer the market a sustainable way of living by utilizing locally sourced synthetic-natural fabrics and recycled new materials. The name, Muttonhead, actually originates from the idea of a mutt or mixed breed.

Muttonhead totally mixes up more than the fabrics. This crew has trumped many expectations and quite frankly challenges industry standards in its garment manufacturing, fabrication accents and believable unisex styled cuts. The brand makes use of a variety of natural and sustainable fabrics, such as recycled hemp, organic cotton twill, recycled knit, and tencel. By manufacturing right here in Toronto, Muttonhead has full control on quality, can guarantee that their products are sweatshop free and fair trade.  Go Muttonhead Go 🙂 The brand exudes comfort and functionality, drawing inspirations from Canadian landscapes, sportswear and climates. Here’s a taste of their fall collections, come on in and shop it for yourselves, at L&S!

We love their modern take on classic shapes and styles. And really dig that the line is completely unisex, which means you can easily share your muttonhead with your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Shop Muttonhead Collective with us at Lavish&Squalor, 253 Queen Street West Toronto.

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