Don’t bother asking what time it is any more, grab a vestal watch or pair of shades at Lavish&Squalor and own your own time, Rockstar! 

We invite a new brand to our family of loves and it’s one that we feel compliments the exact essence of who we are here at Lavish&Squalor. If you haven’t yet heard about Vestal, grab a seat and listen up! Founded in 1997 in Newport Beach, California Vestal combines futuristic and vintage vibes to deliver some of the freshest time pieces at Lavish to date, not to mention their smooth take on sunglasses.

With music inspirations behind the vestal aesthetic, these goods prove that you build your own rock star status!  Vestal goods are built to last and each design boasts a complimentary rockstar name like The Black Lips and Peaches! We’ve got a hot collection of Vestal for you to shop this season. Shop Vestal at Lavish&Squalor, 253 Queen St. West, Toronto.

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