Premium is one of the loved names in the denim game. Accompanying that with fresh ideas in cool design and construction to achieve an ultimate, personalized pair of jeans for today, you’ve got Habitual. We’re always searching high and low to bring you the best of the best and we think we’ve met those needs again this season in hot denim with this brand. Based out of Los Angeles, Habitual has been a leading brand in premium denim since they began in 2001.They strive to provide luxury with functionality, and boy are they good at it!

Habitual uses as little machinery as possible to construct their denim. Each pair is hand sewn and individually treated to the likes of their infamous triple wash and hand sanding. The Fall Winter 2012 line is taking you out for a fun day or hot night in the city with their effectual muses drawn from surrealist artists like Frida Kahlo, Lee Miller, Leonora Carrington, Louise Bourgeois, Remedios Varo and Salvador Dali. 

Habitual’s current art inspirations and style efforts this season can again offer you a very very sexy fit and genuine design. We think that you guys will make Habitual denim that dirty, little habit you just can’t shake. Come on down and try on the “Alice Skinny” (as seen above on the lovely, Jessica Alba). We’ve got new color coated denim in smoke and chianti, available now on our upper level. So, if you want a multi faceted option for your favorite sling backs and the look of leather pants without the guilt or weight, then you’ll love these faux leather looking pants. Smooth to touch, super comfy and stretchy to boot!

Shop for your denim at Lavish&Squalor, each and every season Toronto!

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