We hate to say it, but summer is nearing it’s end. With only a few weeks left of August, everyone is rushing to catch our summer sale and browse our Pre-Fall collections! One trend that we cannot get enough of is the Dolman sleeve, otherwise known as the bat-winged sleeve. Believe it or not, this is a trend that dates way back to the middle ages when people of Turkey wore garments with long, loose sleeves created by folds of fabric. In the early 1900’s, people began to pick up the trend again but a fabric shortages caused by WWII quickly put an end to the over sized sleeve. Fast forward to the 80’s and the bat-wing sleeve was back in action and bigger than ever.

We’ve decided to go full force and bring in a few bat-wing styles by Covet onto our upper level. The free flowing and billowy sleeves distract from the waist, making it appear smaller and are easy and breezy to move around in. Throw ’em over some shorts or mini skirt for the remainder of Summer and keep them in your wardrobe to match with denim and maxi’s for Fall and Winter. These styles make great layering pieces and make a statement of their own. This sleeve has been around and looks to be stickin’ around, so spread your wings and fly on into Lavish&Squalor for some bat winged beauties.

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