With a couple days of recovery, it’s time to recap Osheaga! Huge crowds, long waits, and sweaty bodies make the festival sound rougher than it actually was. Our girls had the time of their lives and lived to tell a bit about it! Even through the extreme heat and the rain, all of the Osheaga attendees managed to keep cool and stylish.We sent our girls, Amanda and Brittanee to get the 411 on a few styles they saw and loved…

1. Cute couple’s in Camo! Don’t be afraid to mix and match or clash.We think it’s awesome to stand apart from the crowd and admire this couple’s freedom of print!

2. Band Tees, Big Rings and Arm Parties. There’s nothing more classic than a band tee. They’re easy to rock your sense of rock & roll freedom and comfy to boot!

3. Tribal Prints, Simple Accessories and Floppy Hats. We loved this girl’s steeze! We didn’t get a full body shot, but this is actually a vintage romper. Tribal print never fails plus the floppy hat was a huge hit for us with her hair!

4. And last but not least, are our L&S girls Brittanee and Amanda! They’re almost always rocking high-waisted denim shorts. To face the heat, they matched them with bra and corset tops and of course, a music festival wouldn’t be complete without a flower crown. The Black Keys, A$AP Rocky, Bloc Party, Santigold and Feist were just a few of our favorite shows and was an overall great way to kick start August! Band style and music festivals are always great style inspiration. If you like the looks you see, than come on down to 253 Queen St. W. We’ve got a little bit of everything to help grab some Osheaga steeze!

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