The Chelsea Vest! Upcycled splatter-dyed denim with Navajo print. Now available at Lavish & Squalor 253 Queen St West

Like you, our uniquely stylish and one-of-a-kind customers, each Jool piece is unique and ready for you to add a spin to your existing wardrobe. Let a new up-cycled Jool piece give your outfit a pop, a punch or even a basic rewoked classic. Like one of Jool’s reworked Denim Vests (shown above), a favorite for this summer.

Words from local Clothing Designer, Julie Phelps on JOOL: 

Where does your passion come from for creating? Was it always in denim or clothing? Have you tried other artistic avenues?

Ever since I was a kid I was always drawing, making crafts or sewing
barbie clothes on my mom’s sewing machine. After graduating high school,
I took Graphic Design but realized that wasn’t my passion. I enjoyed making
things with my hands rather than staring into a computer screen. I started
my own beaded jewelery line and doing small shows here and there. And after working
at the Sally Ann, my business evolved into selling vintage clothing. Then I bought
my own sewing machine, and well…the rest is history.

Were you born in Toronto?

I was born in Brantford, Ontario.

Did study in post ed or take part in any interesting artistic or fashion based program(s) locally or abroad?

I moved to Toronto in 2003 to go to George Brown College for Fashion Design.

Are you going to NXNE? If so, what bands are on your list?

I’m not going to NXNE this year, but I’m going to see my
boyfriend’s band THE SOUPCANS ( play at Polyhaus on Friday for WXWC.

Why do you choose to live in Toronto?

Toronto is a hub for creative people. There are many more opportunities and
connections for growth here in the creative fields.

Favorite spot to adventure?

My fave places for adventure in the city are hanging out on a blanket in
Trinity Bellwoods, chai tea from Ella’s Uncle, Kensington Market, watching my
boyfriend’s band play, and thrift shopping for JOOL (and myself) at the Sally Ann.

Describe how you came upon Lavish to host your product and why you feel it’s a great match?

A friend of mine saw the Lavish posting on their FB page looking for local designers
for consignment. I sent an email and met up with Anne to show her my designs and
she like them instantly! Lavish seems to be right on top of what is trending right
now in fashion, so by keeping JOOL designs on trend, it appeals to their customer.
I also love the welcoming atmosphere Lavish has created. The staff are so supportive,
inspiring and great at promoting their store and local talent.

Why do you feel the denim vest is hot this season?

Denim seems to be in every season but with a different twist. Distressed denim
is trending right now, so the denim vest is popular because it looks as if you
cut the sleeves off yourself!

Why is your work a perfect match for a shopper wanting to identify with themselves?

I feel the JOOL customer wants that unique one-of-a-kind piece, while staying on trend
and eco-friendly at the same time. My goal for JOOL is to stay on trend with my pieces so that
you can’t tell your wearing an upcycled garment.

Can you describe your take on upcycled. How have you found the response to creating and selling upcycled vintage as a product? To your shopper and retailers?

Due to the increased awareness of how harmful the fashion industry practices are on
the environment, people are making more informed choices when purchasing clothing. Whether
it’s made locally, made of eco-friendly fabrics, or upcycled, it all makes a small but important
impact on our environment. And due to the increased popularity in vintage clothing in street
fashion and in the mainstream, JOOL seems to appeal to a broad audience of shoppers.
They appreciate that upcycled clothing can make a difference environmentally
because it means consuming less new product by the recycling of an old one.

It feels great to be able to combine my love of fashion with my love of recycling into a successful clothing line!

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We really heart Jool and you will too – SHOP JOOL at Lavish&Squalor, 253 Queen Street West Toronto.

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