Word from the White Feather Designs silversmith, Breanne Morrow

My story is quite a bit different than most when it comes to where I learned the art of a silversmith. I studied in a warm colonial town in Mexico called San Miguel de Allende. The weather is almost perfect year round, and the town is full of artist’s, writers and musicians. When I lived there I completely fell in love with the people and their culture. It was hard not to be inspired by all the bright colours and beautiful design that was everywhere in the community. I will always have a special place in my heart for the little town that taught me that there are no limits to design.

Bright and bold is what this season’s fashion is all about.  Summer can be so exciting, and enamelling is a perfect medium for reflecting vibrant and colourful feelings.  The new line is stylish, and unique, but also very affordable which I think plays well with the spontaneity of summer.  Experimenting with enamel has brought many different colours to life, and I wanted to introduce everyone to new combos such as California Dream, Cali Ocean, Cali Blush, Nebula and Acid Wash. The enamelled pieces look really cool paired with gold, and are a perfect match with any outfit.  Shapes range from simple natural to bold geometric. Watch out for the new woven and braided arm candy that will also be available this summer!!  The new bangles, friendship bracelets, and necklaces will compliment the enamelled series beautifully.

Unique gifts for a unique and special Mom. Show you care with a piece to cherish from White Feather.

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