Better Shoes for a Better Life!

The Swedish Hasbeens brand started in Stockholm in 2006 after 300 pairs of beautiful red, white and black clogs were discovered in the basement of an old clog factory just outside of town. They wanted to recreate the iconic clog and rejuvenate the shoe that ruled the 70’s. The Hasbeens toffels, bags and belts are based on original 70’s models and are made of ecologically prepared natural grain leather. They are handmade in the traditional way, in the same small factories that have been making them in for decades.

The great thing about these clogs are that they are super versatile. The heel of both clogs are perfect for casual wear with denim shorts or boyfriend jeans. If you are channeling a 70s vibe, why not try pairing the T-bar sandals with your Levi’s vintage flares? Or pair them with a flirty summer dress or skirt. Worn barefoot or with socks, these shoes are built to last and are the perfect summer staple. If you treat them really well, they are certainly to last a lifetime.

T-Bar Sandal in Cognac, $269.00 Low Clog in Black, $175.00 styles are available now at Lavish&Squalor.

Tips on how to treat your Hasbeens well:

The Natural Leather
  • Treat the natural coloured leather with some olive oil. It makes it look better and it naturally resists dirt and water.
  • Keep your Hasbeens out of water. Wood and leather do not like moisture.
The Wood
  • Wood is hard but fragile. Watch out for knocking the heels on stairs or the edge of the sidewalk to aviod chips.
  • Chips are super easy to fix… can be glued back. The beauty of natural materials!
  • Sandpaper can be used to remove scuffs and dirt, and then just rub some olive oil into the wood to seal it up!We’ve got two styles at Lavish&Squalor now for you to pick up:

See you at Lavish, Ladies! We love shoe shopping with you.

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