Obey is for the girl who uphold the true ideals of street style: the girl who won’t sacrifice comfort and quality for fashion, but still manages to look damn good while doing it.This spring Obey has made a line of relaxed sport wear, a collection of french terry textiles littered with customized ethnic patterns, and pieces made of soft sweat shirts all in a muted pallete of washed taupe and heathered reds. These street wear classics will be your wardrobe staples come spring and summer. Make sure you come to your independent life+style market, Lavish&Squalor, to satiate your need for the basics that can’t help but obey.

Obey Off-The-Shoulder Crop Sweater, Obey Dress Pant Cut-Offs, J Shoes Side Saddle Shoes

Obey Boatneck Sweater, Obey Skinny Jeans, Obey Printed Weekender, J Shoes Laced Flats

Cheap Monday Tank, Obey Printed Sweat Pants, J Shoes “Side Saddle” Shoes

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