Whether you’re patrolling the babes at your piece of Turks and Caicos, or picking out cute vintage shorts in San Fran, or even just looking at a well-composed screen saver, you can look just as chic (and comfortable) as the locals in our new Ella Moss and Splendid resort collection. Ella Moss and Splendid are both head-quartered in California which explains that both collections have that carefree feeling of a warm summer breeze that exudes modern Bohemia.

Our Tie-Dyed tops from Splendid are so bright and soft, it’ll make any skin tone glow (without the sun tanner). And the best part? The flutter sleeves are so flattering on any body type!

These delicate knitted cardigans and pull overs from Splendid are striped to perfection. Who needs bulky coats when these tops not only make layering fun again but also are so breathable (not like those double quilted numbers you’ve been rocking, no?) you can stay covered and comfortable.

And be sure to pack these light Ella Moss tops in every colour – so cute paired with denim shorts or tucked into your favourite skinny high-waisted jean, these tops look cute day and night (and with that cute boy you just picked up on the beach). Speaking of beach – we also have some cute knitted mesh tanks from the Ella Moss resort collection that’ll look so right over-top your bathing suit. Pack light and bright with our selection of Ella Moss and Splendid tops from your go-to resort stop and independent life+style market, Lavish&Squalor. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

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