This spring, slip out of your skinny jeans and find something fresh in flared denim. Flared denim has its roots in the navy when 19th century officers began to wear pants that were more bell-bottomed than not and gained popularity where it sprung up in the midst of the 1960’s where this cut became so iconic. Over the next few decades, the bell-bottom trend has smartened up into its “flare” form that it is worn today.

It might be hard to stray from your skinny jeans but there’s a reason why flared denim keeps popping up every spring: flared denim are flattering and when fitted to the knee, they elongate the leg. Paired with a cute silk button-up and blazer and you have a look that is better than retro, but a modern take on a classic.

Levi's Vintage Flare SS 12
Levi's patched wide leg
Cheap Monday power jean black

We have a great selection of washes and rises, so come by the store and remind yourself that you have lovely legs and you can show them off. Come by to Lavish&Squalor, your independent life+style market and the place where you can show off your piece of flare.

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