The Upper Level of Lavish&Squalor is more than the sum of its parts. More than the exposed brick walls that line the room. More than the stained hardwood floors. More than the beautiful clothes we offer. It is a space that changes and evolves much like the seasons.

This season we are beginning a natural progression of the space by introducing two additions to the Lavish&Squalor culture: our Gallery Walls and a coffee bar. Not to mention that we’re bringing in new labels to keep you looking poised for your next move. It is this curated taste that sets our space apart from the banality of mass market businesses and provides a local and independent choice that we endeavor to give you every day.

Last week we brought in paintings from Toronto-based artist, Lisandra Pellegrini, which was a successful introduction to how our space can adapt to the pairing of art and style. We enjoyed having her paintings which really made our walls come alive with a renewed energy and spirit.

This Friday we’re presenting the second artist in our Gallery Wall series, Sarah Phelps, another local Toronto artist whose abstract expressionist paintings deserve to be hung on the walls of a bon vivant. We’re hosting two consecutive Cinq a Sept events in honour of her paintings that draw from her experiences in the visual practice of mindfulness and her connection with her environment.

The show runs from March 2nd – March 15th during regular store hours, visit our Facebook event page for more information.

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