Personal style isn’t something copped from a blog, or referenced from a magazine. Style is created by honing personal experience into proper influence. We wanted to compliment all of you on your personal style and shopping adventures at Lavish&Squalor to accent it. Local rapper, creative and a frequent Lavish&Squalor customer, Delorean Black aka MXF∇CKiN ∇iLL∆iN bestows the epitome of personal style in a modern way, drawing  inspiration from his life, culture and music devotions.

From the dark layers to the shimmering chains hanging from his hip to the wooden beads dangling on his chest and skull hanker-chief from his back pocket we see Delorean’s chosen evidence of the ’90s. Delorean pays tribute to Nirvana and the grunge movement with a look that is anything but cookie-cutter. His hair is in braids for this photoshoot, but commented that for Jimmy Hendrix days, he likes to let his hair out.  We switched up his jacket, added some great jewelry and adorned his head and feet but kept the rapper’s ‘signature piece,’ the black hanker-chief tied around his neck, worn to testify the true dedication to his personally modernized swag. All pieces were chosen to extenuate and compliment this genuine style as the starting plate.

Pieces to note from Lavish&Squalor: Brixton Bison Hat, Super Flat Top Sunglasses, Jacket from People’s Market, shoes from jshoes, 2 Vitaly 2 finger rings, Speech Stud and Dineen Horn necklaces. Always remember, we  recognize your style. You guys are our inspiration. We are that place to add to your style & complement your swag. Come visit and seek it out.

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