Some say that variety is the spice of life – but here at Lavish&Squalor we tend to think that we should have variety in our spices – or make that in our chocolates. Introducing a crowd pleaser (and holiday stocking stuffer) Galerie au Chocolat, a Canadian company that specializes in producing premium chocolate in Montreal.

The company was founded in 1985 and have developed over the years as one of Canada’s best chocolate companies, serving clients from around the globe – and with the selection within their eco-focused Fair Trade line, who wouldn’t want a piece?

We’ve been carrying this line for ages now and we’re happy to boast a restock in your favourite flavours: Maple Crunch, Honey Nougat, Cappucino, 36% Milk Bar, 72% Dark, Espresso, Sea Salt, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Crisped Rice, and Cocoa Nibs. Grab some for your Secret Santa (or for your pantry) over this holiday season today!

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