If there were ever a sartorial lining to war, it would have to be its contribution to a new modern wardrobe staple, the trench coat.

Accredited for the development of the trench is Thomas Burberry (yes, of Burberry fame). He designed the trench as an alternative to its heavier outerwear cousin, the “greatcoat” and made to endure the tough wintry conditions on the battlefield. Thankfully, today we wear trenches on the sidewalks to run errands or dutifully travel to work and not on the front lines. The trench style has broadened from the camel & khaki origins expanding on colour options, fit, pocket style, and buttons. Check out our girl Raven  wearing this classic black trench from Gestuz. With a well tailored double breasted trench complete with high quality buttons and belt, Raven exudes the power and grace of a leader. This winter, stay dry and get cozy with the classic trench and military style options available at your style base camp, Lavish&Squalor.

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