Our main man Theo (shared mutually with our lovely Raven Supreme, of course) frequents Lavish&Squalor so often we just had to dress him up in some of our happening new winter pieces. Everyone knows winter is around the bend and we could all use a parka or six to keep warm! We’ve got a wide selection of winter jackets; some big, some small, some wide, some tall, some bright, some dull, but all necessary for our fantastic Canadian Climate. All with design, construction and choice material in mind. Snow is fun… at least in the proper attire. Our outerwear varieties will make you happy all season long. Here are a few limited stock notables, available now on our 2nd level.

First up, we have Theo showing off the new Navy waxed ‘Nigel’ jacket from SUIT. Made from 100% waxed cotton, the Nigel is cut with a shawl collar and fastened together up top with a rope loop and button combo. The buttons are big and brown in colour, a nice contrast with the navy material. The jacket speaks for itself; see it to believe it.

Shoes are obviously just as important for the winter, so closet those busted slip-ons and dress accordingly! We have boots to impress every discerning personality. Our boot pick for Theo is a classy-casual pair by Vanishing Elephant, called ‘Vatel’. These wing tip boots are made with black suede and goat leather with an oil finish. The soul is a mix of leather and rubber. It’s a classy upper boot, with a deep treaded bottom, that will surely dull the sleekness of the ice, while upping the sleekness of your style. Winter is rolling in, so stock up!

We’re always stocked in style and more than willing to help you do the same! Lastly, stealing the page again is another jacket from SUIT. This olive-green jacket feels as warm as it looks; being 65% polyester and 35% cotton-wool, with an extra-large poppable collar, and lined to feel like a duvet with sleeves! Seriously, it’s that comfortable. And the pockets are huge; for when your gloves just aren’t cutting it.

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