Take a classic set of Duralex Picardie tumblers home with you from France, without the expensive plane ticket! These gorgeous classic tumblers have been a staple in French cafes and European homes since Duralex began making them in 1927. Made using a special tempering and pressing process since 1939, they have the impact resistance of well over twice that of a normal glass. Some say up to five times. Based on thermal shock, the glass is heated to 600 degress and cooled very quickly. This process not only gives the glass impact resistance but also creates excellent transparency.

Beyond the craftsmanship, the Picardie Tumbler is a design classic. A  quintessential French Bistro glass. Used for both hot and cold beverages, its design and most importantly its feel, cannot be rivaled in glassware. Its tapered shape and its lower flutings allow the hand to relax around the beverage as you enjoy it.  There are many imitators and no doubt it has influenced those “diner” glasses or “rocks” glasses we all know so well. But the Duralex Picardie is a classic and a treasure to own.

Available now on our Upper Level.

xo L&S

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