Ladies and Gentlemen of our fairest city, Lavish&Squalor is pleased to announce, after much consideration and deliberation, in response to the overwhelming requests of our patrons and supporters, you asked for it, you got it!

The hidden treasures of 253 Queen Street West, our private prop room and personal storehouse of antiques and other objects d’arts are finally being opened to the public.

What does it mean?! It’s beautiful! For every one of you who ever wished you could live here, or that your place looked like our place, ever wondered if that particular piece was for sale, how much it would cost, where you might find one, if we would please just sell it to you… the wait is officially over….in just a few more days, anyways.And to celebrate more with you we’ll host a ***STORE WIDE SALE*** on all your wardrobe needs.

On Saturday October the 29th commencing at the hour of 11am, Lavish&Squalor is officially launching our Antique Market and Vintage Findings Exhibit.

That’s right lovelies, now when you need that special something something for that impossible corner of your holiest of holies, ie., that is, your sanctuary, your den, your office, your sun room, your dark room, your room with or without a view,  wherever you lay your hat, your own little corner of the universe, your patch of grass, your garden of earthly delights, well…we might just have that thing exactly, that something you weren’t even sure what to call, that something which will finally complete you, or your home or office, well… Clothing may not make the man or woman but it definitely helps them to feel damn good in their skin and goodness knows our personal, private and  professional spaces would do well to be a little bit more sexy too.

Do it! Come one, come all. Take us home with you tonight (well, next Saturday)…

To mark this very special occasion we will be host to a wonderful grouping of esoteric professionals and age-old digestible. Open your mind… have your Tarot Cards read on our main level.
Open your ears… listen to the euphonious sounds of a very special mystical live musical guest next to our magic flying carpets.

Open your mouth?! enjoy complimentary libations between 5-7pm for a special Saturday edition of our weekly Cinq à Sept, hosted by the infamous Francesco the great in all his Levis Canadian Tuxedo splendor mixing cocktails of darkest rum and ginger beer. All the while partaking of salty and sweet ancient treats throughout the store while you shop!…
Come one, come all…. don’t be shy.  Let us show you a good time and a great new outfit and a little something something for your abode.

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