We tend to think growing up is scary. It might be true- maybe we can’t sit in front of the TV eating an extra large pizza until 6am watching a Deadliest Catch marathon. Maybe we can’t go skateboarding anymore.  Maybe we’re starting to realize that wearing jeans every day is becoming less and less appropriate.

While I can’t fix the pizza or skateboarding problems for you, I can help you in the leg-wear department. As said, there comes a time in a mans life when wearing jeans every day just doesn’t cut it anymore. Luckily for that man (and all of us, really), Vanishing Elephant has the perfect solution. These wool trousers are lined with silk and just slim enough to avoid looking like you’re wearing a 1990’s college professor costume. Plus they’re warm- perfect for the fall and winter months. The wool feels substantial, which translates to a nice weight and the welcome feeling of actually wearing pants.

Dress them up with an oxford/sweater combo and brogues. Dress them down with a cotton crew neck and boots. Either way, the statement these pants make is simple: that you know there is a world of pants beyond denim and that you don’t need to be going to a job interview or a dinner with your girlfriend’s parents to live in it.

From our Upper Level,Paul Rousseau 

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