CREEP - sweater, henley, slim cargos GRAM - shoes

CREEP FALL/WINTER 2011 available now on our Upper Level 

Check out Lavish&Squalor’s staff model, Paul as he sits back in the Eames and boasts CREEP’s feel good in utility and style look of Autumn. Building this stylish, on the go work man or almost on the go outfit starts with  CREEP’s super smooth Moleskin cargo pant paired with Shawl Cardi sweater and Henley top; all designed by Hiroshi.  We’ve finished it with a pair of blue 383 g’ s from Scandinavian brand, Gram shoes.

Designer Hiroshi Awai started creating designs for Creep in 2008.  His unpredictable  combination of functional American work wear with traditional Japanese styles, material choice, handling and detailing makes for another highly anticipated 2011 collection.

photography, Sorrell
model, Paul
contributor, Egor

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