Fred Perry’s cult status has now spanned over 5 decades. The “laurel is one of the most enduring and timeless logos in the world and is associated with authenticity, heritage and integrity.”  From it’s humble beginnings as a tennis shirt in 1952, ‘The Fred’ (as it would come to be known) and it’s accompanying laurel wreath has been worn by generations of fashion-forward youth including:

1950s – the Mods
1960s – the skinheads, the Rude Boys
1970s – Northern Soul, the punks
1980s – 2 Tone movement, New York punks
1990s – Brit Pop
2000s – The Casuals

Fred Perry continues to evolve, and is worn by a new generation,who  like The Mods of 50s and 60s, display an obsessive attention to detail.  Each new Fred Perry piece is masterpiece of design and function.

“Fashions may come and go, but style is timeless”

For the a new generation of dapper gentlemen.  Fred Perry fall 2011.  Available now, upstairs at Lavish&Squalor:

left: L/S Check Shirt; right: Vintage Knit Polo
top-left: L/S Tartan; top-right: L/S Oxford w/ V-neck Merino Knit; mid-left: L/S Check Shirt; mid-right: Twin-Tipped Slim Fit Polo; bottom-left: Twin-Tipped Slim Fit Polo; bottom-right: L/S Terrsall w/ Crew-neck Merino Knit
left: L/S Chambray; right: L/S Tartan

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