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As Torontonians, we’re not exactly strangers to navigating and preparing for the colder seasons. From enjoying these past weekend’s glorious leaves of change and sunshine to thoughts of trekking through the billowing winds of change and dropping temperatures, it’s now time to come into L&S and embrace your new proper layers.

We are currently stocked in the warmth, color and patterns of one of our favorite heritage brands, Penfield Trailwear’s FW12 season of down jackets, coats, knits, flannels, wool pants and denim shirts for the ladies and the gents. Plus we’ve trucked in a horde of accessories for you to choose from, including an array of pom pom toques! Oh ya, L&S loves you and wants to keep you warm.

Founded in 1975 in New England–another ice box of a place to live–Penfield jackets were made with the idea that they should be both warm and durable. Their down jackets are stuffed with an 80:20 goose down ratio, of which the 80 is the down, and the exteriors of jackets are DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treated. Each coat and jacket, as you know is decorated with the label’s little black bear and sure to help you stand the test of many chilly outdoor adventures downtown or in the wilds. Penfield truly knows how to take you outside and keep it fun, all season long.

Come to Lavish&Squalor and pick out your favorite new layers from Penfield today.

This hot stuff will go fast!



This past summer we fell in love with ombré and dip dyes and dyed everything from our short shorts to chunks of our hair and even our nails got some! Well, Fall ’12 says that the trend is still kickin’ with a new season of ombre skinny jeans and rare up-cycled vests to feed our varying shades in our denim needs!

This Jool denim vest is perfect over a plain or graphic tee. It makes for the best layering piece. Throw it on over a leather jacket or sweater and you’ll be the hottest thang out there! Dang, girl.

You can play it safe with our low-rise Levi’s ombré jeans. This denim is a dark navy with wrinkled detailing. The ombré is ever so subtle and easy to match with just about everything! Wear them dressed up with heals or keep it all casual with a pair of vans.

Or make a statement with these high-rise Cheap Monday ombré denim. These jeans scream bad ass and you’re sure to turn heads in these and your favorite pairing. We suggest a plain shirt on top to make these jeans the main attraction. Again, dress them up and wear them out with heels but know that they can also look awesome with some beat up sneakers or black combat boots!

Come to Lavish&Squalor to grab a pair and rock them well!


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We like good boots, just like you do and that’s why we create such a great collection to offer you, season after season. You could say we are a bit picky on what style of boots can march on in these doors and set up shop, well not all boots are made equal. Some boots take you to work, some take you bar hopping, some may get you your next first date and some get you on the dance floor. Well Palladium boots may act as the hybrid boot for the real city navigator. Walk, bike, swagger, push, float, shake or run for it. This boot will get you there first and can’t help it, they are currently a bit of a boss on the street.

We just love these boots and if you don’t already have a pair, get your feet in here and try your first pair on. We can always assist first timers into what they want. And if you want a cool boot, good to mother nature, built to last with comfort and versatility, then this be the boot. The Palladium boot has style, is rugged in nature and with a bit of a twist on flamboyance for the street. Material, manufacturing and design gear these boots for more than a walk in the park. Flip them up or down, they’ll look good on your feet.

Palladium was founded in 1920 to make tires for the fledgling aviation industry. Tires were made by layering canvas bands underneath vulcanized rubber. Palladium’s expertise was so advanced that soon the majority of Europe’s aircraft were using Palladium tires.

After World War II, with aircraft manufacturing screeching to a halt, the demand for tires decreased dramatically. Palladium decided to open a plant in Pont De Cheruy, France, to start producing footwear that was as hard wearing as their tires. In 1947 the legendary Pampa boot was born, and the functionality, comfort and durability were so outstanding that the French Foreign Legion adopted it for their use.

Today, the original design, classic lines and time tested utility are as relevant as they have ever been. Combining over 60 years of authenticity with modern manufacturing, premium materials and cutting edge styling, Palladium boots are ready to help you explore your street, your city, or the world.

New women’s and men’s FW12 Palladium Boots have just arrived at Lavish&Squalor. We’ve got 2 styles; the womens Baggy Lite L Gusset in dust chocolate & mens Baggy Leather Gusset in black dark gum. 
Come take on the city in a pair of Palladium boots from Lavish&Squalor!



Being a Toronto grown, independent retailer, it’s only natural for us to love and support all things local. Whether it be events, food, jewelry, or clothing, we know that everything’s better home grown! Like Toronto’s own Muttonhead Collective.

We regularly allow our brands to host a Friday or Saturday ‘cinq à sept’ at City Bar on our upper level. Last week, Muttonhead gave everyone a little exposé  on their FW12 lines and shared the muttonhead love with comp cocktails at the bar. Great turn out and great collections!

Muttonhead is the love child of three Ryerson vets, Paige, Meg and Mel. The trio founded the brand to offer the market a sustainable way of living by utilizing locally sourced synthetic-natural fabrics and recycled new materials. The name, Muttonhead, actually originates from the idea of a mutt or mixed breed.

Muttonhead totally mixes up more than the fabrics. This crew has trumped many expectations and quite frankly challenges industry standards in its garment manufacturing, fabrication accents and believable unisex styled cuts. The brand makes use of a variety of natural and sustainable fabrics, such as recycled hemp, organic cotton twill, recycled knit, and tencel. By manufacturing right here in Toronto, Muttonhead has full control on quality, can guarantee that their products are sweatshop free and fair trade.  Go Muttonhead Go :) The brand exudes comfort and functionality, drawing inspirations from Canadian landscapes, sportswear and climates. Here’s a taste of their fall collections, come on in and shop it for yourselves, at L&S!

We love their modern take on classic shapes and styles. And really dig that the line is completely unisex, which means you can easily share your muttonhead with your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Shop Muttonhead Collective with us at Lavish&Squalor, 253 Queen Street West Toronto.



‘Line it up, and then we’ll begin.’

Get your individual style sorted for the new season, with the hottest and freshest back-to-school must-haves from T.O’s fave independent fashion mecca: Lavish&Squalor. While we loved summer too, fall is stacking up on our shelves to be an awesome season of great style, great colour and great key elements to define you through the most vibrant time of year. Check out our unbeatable selection of denim, jackets, footwear, toques, dresses(!), leggings and accessories – – including the most incredible sunglasses and a fab new selection of locally designed jewelry. We’ve even got some fun school supplies, laptop sleeves and knapsacks to help you make that first-day statement, and keep you excelling all year long. So skip the lame mall and head down to Queen Street – where you’ll find independently owned and operated, Lavish&Squalor smack in the middle of the entertainment and fashion district, between University and McCaul. P.S. Don’t forget that we also have a great little espresso bar on our second level to make shopping at Lavish even more fun. Thanks for choosing L&S, we are here for you, come get what you want this season.