TORONTO ARTIST, FOX HAS BEEN WRITING AND RECORDING MUSIC FOR ABOUT 3 YEARS NOW. Fox performs with 2 other bands; ‘Creep Creep Beach’ and ‘Goodbye Honolulu’, as well as running Fried Records with Emmet Webb and Jacob Switzer. His Music encompasses many sounds, touching on influences ranging from delta blues, lo-fi garage rock, country and punk.

fox2Join us at Lavish&Squalor on Saturday afternoons between 5-7pm to experience ‘Fox”s musical stylings and indulge yourself in a complimentary beer from Newcastle Brown Ale.

Photo Credit- Top; Petra Collins Bottom; Ingrid Veninger






THESE BEAUTIFUL GOODS THAT WE’VE CAREFULLY CURATED for you here at Lavish&Squalor show craftsmanship rooted in progressive regions driven by culture. Pieces from this section of the globe have a distinct aesthetic that has  evolved over centuries and nothing reflects that more perfectly than these crafts, embodying an infinite collection of colours and textures. These goods bridge the culture and craft of the old world with the desired  aesthetics of the modern age. By bringing in these pieces, we are exposing you to the precise intricate craftsmanship which portrays the indigenous efforts of artists to establish a perfect balance in home furnishings.
This Collection fills the void of tradition in decoration, you can feel the timeless quality in the hand knotted rugs, the folds of the woven baskets and the hammered textures of the copper vessels. Each piece is perfectly unique with distinct character that shows boldly within the animated patterns and colours. Whether you’re looking for something small to brighten a room or a centrepiece that provides a canvas for your entire home, we have a selection that encompasses every need.


Come down to Lavish&Squalor and be inspired by the latest collection of beautiful and unique rug pieces that have just arrived.



2014 WHITE LODGE Artist Series





Duke Redbird is OCAD university’s first Aboriginal Advisor/Mentor. A poet, scholar, storyteller, inspirational speaker and television personality, Duke is a member of the Saugeen First Nation. He is the author of a collection of poetry and has been published in numerous anthologies including textbooks in Canada and the United States. In addition to holding a master’s degree, Redbird is a Fellow of McLaughlin College at York University and has served as Senior Associate of the York Centre for Applied Sustainability



My name is Zahra Siddiqui and my photography journey began 2 years ago. My desire to support Toronto and the art that derives from this city has pushed me into this direction.  I photograph many of Toronto’s singers, dancers, painters, designers etc. and by supporting them, I am supporting myself. I feel proud to be a part of an art community that comes from such an inspiring city like Toronto.

My gaze tends to focus on urban lifestyle and the culture that speaks to where young people are today in 2014. Natural light, vibrant colors, people and culture is what my eye and mind are organically drawn to. I choose to use the City of Toronto as my backdrop as a way of being mindful, of the beauty that surrounds us.



Embellishing simplicity, Gevi places complexity on to images. Each image has a deeply personal association, and with time the relationship becomes revealed.  It is not just the picture that sits on top of the painting that matters, but the effort and energy put into it. The great handmade subtleties that one may not see bring a painting to life, and not being interested in leaving things out of a work, Gevi looks for what he can invest into it’s creation.

Gevi had his first solo show November 2013.  He lives and works in Toronto.

Instagram: g3vi




Our nation is uplifting, moving, inspiring.  I need to tell all nations about us.  I feel proud as collectors and non collectors look at my art and it moves their spirit for joy.  When I paint, I feel my ancestors in my heart with pure love, and i bring all the goodness of our nation onto the canvas.  We are a loving, proud people; a strong, kind people.  When people see my art and laugh, feel good or cry, I like that because my art is healing and people feel enlightened.  I have to pass on my art to the future.

My new work comes from when I had a heart attack.  I felt moved how I got another chance in life.  I’m very grateful and I have to do more work to heal our world.  My art is for the mind, body and spirit and not to judge other cultures or religions.

Live in peace, love and magic,

Jay Bell Redbird



Ivonka Frankova has always taken pictures of people and used the camera to explore the world around her. In 2002, she was sent to Australia to film a solar eclipse. While exploring the south Australian desert which surrounded the town of Lyndhurst, Ivonka took a series of photographs and edited the images to tell a story in a clever sequence thru shapes, colours and materials of the shifting desolate landscape.








As we prepare our grizzly faces for the luxury treatment we are about to embark on to reveal the pearly skin beneath our oyster shell beards we would like to share with you some tips on proper shaving from our new friends at Crown Shaving Co.

1. Prep

Wet your face with warm water! One of the most important steps in achieving the perfect shave is to make sure you get plenty of warm water on your face, this will soften beard hair and open pores. If possible, always shave after you step out of the shower or apply a moistened hot (warm) towel to your face for a few minutes before shaving.

2. Pre-shave

Lightly rub our pre-shave formula onto your face and neck prior to applying shaving cream. This step will help protect your skin by allowing the razor to glide over your skin, reducing the chance of nicks, cuts, and razor burn.

3. Lather up

With a quality shaving brush or your fingers, gently massage our lubricating shave cream onto your face and neck. This step will help the beard hair to stand up away from the skin resulting in a closer more comfortable shave.

4. The battle of the blade

Always use a sharp blade, there is nothing worse than dragging a cold piece of dull steel across your face! Shave in the direction of your beard growth (with the grain) Shaving against the grain can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs. If you dare to get as smooth as possible, go for a second pass against the grain this time using light pressure and short strokes. Always rinse the blade under hot water before you start shaving, and every couple of strokes during your shave. Rinse face with cold water and pat dry, not rub dry, pat dry.

5. Protect

Apply our light non greasy non oily soothing after shave lotion. This lotion will nourish while protecting your newly shaven skin.

Come down to Lavish&Squalor and treat yourself to a new you, with our perfect selection of Crown Shaving Co. products.







CINQ A SEPT IS A VALUED TRADITION HERE AT LAVISH&SQUALOR.  We have a passion for bringing people together and sharing exciting things so its only natural that we would hold a weekly ‘Cinq A Sept’ to collect our friends, new and old, and unfold, unwind and digress over the finer things in life. Although we embrace these hours as a time for sharing and extending a little old fashion hospitality, the actual tradition of ‘Cinq A Sept’  has long been a topic of curiosity  It was traditionally a bit of an opportunity for gentlemen to explore the arms of their mistresses before dinner, as the hours of 5 until 7 were reserved to grab a drink and unwind, free from the general responsibility’s of the day. ‘Cinq A Sept’ became a bit of a synecdoche for the act of disappearing with a mistress for a period of time for this reason.

We now hold the term ‘Cinq A Sept’ to a new set of values, quite the opposite of its once morally questionable association. It is now seen as a time to enjoy a drink of wine, beer or cocktail and unwind at the end of the day. We here at Lavish&Squalor pride ourselves on our collective friends who join us in these hours, to reflect on all the good things and learn something new. Join us upstairs every Saturday for a drink and bring a friend, come share the hours with us during ‘Cinq A Sept’ and we promise drinks, conversation and a unique opportunity to simply unwind.



Rokin men's 'Roy" Boot



ROKIN FOOTWEAR COMBINES THE ART OF CLASSIC EUROPEAN CRAFTSMANSHIP WITH A MODERN AESTHETIC to create unique and coveted pieces.  It only takes a glance to see that the simplicity of Rokin’s vintage looks coupled with their classic perspective on shoemaking is what makes them so unforgettable.

Christoffer Brattin—the man behind the Gothenburg, Sweden-based company—launched the first collection of men’s shoes in the fall of 2007. “I started Rokin because I thought there was a need for quality shoes at a nice price for the young urban man. I wanted to do a broad collection of both sports, casual and dressy shoes” says Brattin, a former Tommy Hilfiger Europe footwear designer.

Rokin men's 'Roy" Boot

Rokin men’s ‘Roy” Boot

Choosing to work only with suppliers steeped in history, Rokin prides itself on delivering high-quality shoes made from natural materials. Design attributes such as the odor-preventing breathable foot beds bring function to sustainability. We are proud to have the new seasons selection of Rokin in store now at Lavish&Squalor, including the men’s ‘Roy’ boot (above) and the women’s ‘Ryder Zip’ boot (below).

Rokin Women's 'Ryder Zip' Boot

Rokin Women’s ‘Ryder Zip’ Boot




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LET’S HAVE A LITTLE TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER, the earnest chill has arrived and the chances of wet feet are rising. Winter has somehow managed to finally pull itself into our streets and slowly haunt away the last of our warm days. Inspirations for cozy and warm are in high order. We have no problem helping you to shy from the cold and ignore the tragedy of these temperatures with our exceptional selection of Pendleton woolen mills coats, blankets and accessories. Pendleton has a rich history of hiding people from the cold with rich warm woollen products and we want to help you embrace their wisdom. From blankets to mittens they have been in the heating people business of insulating us from the cold while maintaining a strong sense of style and beauty for almost 140 years. Drawing inspiration from elements of native culture and story telling while paying strict attention to materials and craftsmanship, Pendleton has always been an incredible source for all things comfortable. We are confident that whatever you choose from our carefully curated collection, you will covet for a lifetime. Come by Lavish&Squalor to shop Pendleton for you and your abode.





THIS IS AIMED AT OUR GENTLEMEN FRIENDS, on the hunt for their first, or new, deckhand peacoat. If we take the tips from the mess of style blogs online, you may be lead to believe that the more fitted it is, the better. We’re not going to blame that on the writers, but it’s an easy misconception to make when much of men’s fashion is tapering down to slim silhouettes. Peacoats, though, are exception. Worn by men of the sea, the coat was meant to fit a lot of layering to help ward off the cold. Modern peacoats should be treated the same way.

This is not to say the bigger the better, you want a neat fit without the jacket contouring too closely to your body; just don’t forget what the function of the coat is when you’re on the hunt for its form. The easiest way to check is to pull on your winter or autumn layered look when you go shopping.

If you’re still feeling nervy with your options, come in and let our styling staff help you out. We have a few choice selections by Spiewack and Comune, which make your visit a one-stop shop.