You’re hours away from a party or holiday gathering. Maybe it’s with your best friends, an office thang, or maybe it’s a family affair, but one thing’s for sure, you’re down a gift. Cold sweat starts to saturate your collar, but stop, drop by, we’ll have something for you. If you need a grab and go for someone you don’t know very well, we have mountains of circle scarves that come in a rainbow of colours; trust us on this, women don’t turn down a good circle scarf (it’s a necessity AND it’s fashion forward). If it’s a man, might we suggest our black and silver flask? It’s classy looking without the price tag. Otherwise, we’ve got skull-topped wine stoppers, good, dark chocolate, and even loose leaf tea if he’s that kind of guy (and who isn’t?). Nothing tickling your fancy yet? We’ve got a gallery of L&S inspirations below then, we strongly encourage you to drop by L&S! We are here, bearing gifts for all your friends, co workers, family and any extra special someones in your lives! Come by Lavish&Squalor to shop for everyone, including yourself this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!
♡ Lavish&Squalor




images_shop local

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