What is truly empowering your style these days? Are you solely in search of rarity, a beloved color palette, subtle simplicity, an altruist pattern? Are you drawn to a designer’s particular artistic flow? Do you take heed, as an informed brand worshiper or are you perhaps a savvy (pre) trend follower? Ok, maybe too many questions. We do, already know that you take your life & style seriously, if you shop with us and pick up on what you really want. So, what are we getting at in this post if we’re just trying to introduce you to yet, another brand in footwear?

With our best foot forward we try to assist in your wardrobe decision making and offer you both rarity and authenticity, novel to each and every season. The life and style you choose to showcase or become may be fair to say giving you a way in sharing a very fluid part of you with yourself and the world around you. We like being apart of those little attributes and certainly like to represent so, we choose collections with you in mind.

If you are shifting style and adding more conscience to your footwear mix, we’ve got Oliberté available now, on our Upper Level. Oliberté is the first premium footwear brand made proudly and fairly in Africa. These guys make a very cool shoe to step into and have chosen to create and deliver a unique manufacturing protocol that can genuinely make a positive impact on the world we live in.

Using breathable, hand-picked leathers, natural rubber soles and reinforced stitching, Oliberté shoes and boots are breaking down the conventions of how footwear looks, and how it is produced. They are working hard to reduce its impact on the environment in every step of their product process, as well as their exportation methods. Oliberté aims to create fair jobs in Africa, and to contribute to the development of sustainable living for the nation’s thriving middle class.

Oliberté is now embarking on another adventure with their new project, dubbed “recycling creations.” They are looking for leather crafters and artists who are interested in re-purposing some of Oliberte’s materials in one-off collaboration works that help to not only promote the artists work but also to support the African team and share with fans from both sides of the collaboration. This could range from leather tags to wallets to bicycle seats to any other thing your imagination can produce. Just send an email to info@oliberte.com with website or contact information.OLIBERTE LAYOUT 2

Oliberté ensures that it is aligning itself and partnering with manufacturers who are breaking ground in Africa through their respect and equity in the workforce for both men and women. Wanna be part of leaving this mark too, come shop their FW12 line with Lavish&Squalor.LAVISH CREST LOGO