How excited are we to finally be able to further spoil our beloved customers with a

great shot of espresso at our upper floor’s CITY BAR.

You have enjoyed our signature complimentary cocktails during our Friday & Saturday Cinq à Septs,

and now you can enjoy a different kind of buzz.

Clean fine roasted espresso beans make the kind of drink that makes you smile

rather than giving you a tummy or head ache :)

We are setting up to service you with some tasty classics coffee ‘cocktails’ from around

the globe, some organic loose leaf and macha teas.

Let’s start with some warm drinks followed up by some refreshing and

Delicious iced coffees and teas for the summer.

And whatever you like, you can buy to take home and make – including the Durelex glasses from France.

We just may have sold you your favourite pair of jeans, so now let Logan, Mike and Paul

prove that we can  make you a superior espresso.

Goal Opening Date  –  APRIL 27th

Festivities to be announced!